We are a paranormal production team who specialize in video production and produce ghost lore shows such as documentaries, docudramas, webisodes, and on certain occasions also investigations.  We find the paranormal world very intriguing and love bringing it to the silver screen!  We are also proud to support co-founder Devon Bell and her historical/paranormal books she has written that are available to the public. Check out our website and open your minds to the unknown…

News:      You can read Devon's latest articles in the fall edition of Chippewa Valley's Hidden Treasures HERE

Devon is now writing for an online paranormal website called, "Mysterious Heartland"  

Her first article featured the area of creepy Caryville and you can read it HERE

She also has a few other articles for this same website- you can find them HERE

Look for Devon's latest book, "Haunted Summerwind:  A Ghostly History of a Wisconsin Mansion" in stores & online the spring/summer of 2016!

You can now pre-order this book on Amazon.com by     CLICKING HERE

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